Play as Zep, defending the moon from an alien invasion. 

Fly around with your jetpack and avoid the UFO's shots while trying to take them out. Each wave will have more enemies than the last. Make sure to watch your ammo, pickups are all around the map and respawn every wave.


A, D, for left to right movement.
Space bar for jetpack.
Mouse for aiming.
Escape to return to main-menu


Currently Only Goes to Wave 10

  • Very much an early build. I wouldn't consider it stable for an actual release. I just wanted to share current progress! 
  • Originally built for a standalone desktop build, so the main-menu quit button does nothing in browser

Work in Progress

This will be my first released game. As of right now it is a prototype. Most of the art is temporary, and if pursued further will most likely be changed. Feedback is very much appreciated! 

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